Wishing for a Better Wishbass?



I’ve talked a lot about boutique basses in the past.  You can see my definition here.  Even though Wishbass contradicts part of my own definition of a boutique bass, I still like to think of them as boutique.  They don’t really fit the definition because they are NOT high-end by any stretch.  In fact Steve Wishnevsky often sells his basses new for about $100 per string.  Yup $400 or so for a boutique instrument.  But the reason I like to think of them as boutique is because they are all unique, completely original in design and are made from all kinds of unusual woods.  If nothing else they are quirky and fun.  So let’s say Wishbass is boutique.

Recently I came across someone that’s a fan this brand, by the name of Dave.  Dave has a website aptly named “Dave’s Bass Place”.  His website has a sub section that’s all about refinishing Wishbasses.  The section should perhaps be called “Finishing Wishbasses” as Dave likes to take them apart and rebuild them doing a lot of the stuff that maybe should have been done in the original build.  Regardless, what he does is pretty interesting and just another facet of never ending and totally interesting world of bass.

Please check out his page here.

And see more about Wishbass at Bass-Aholic.



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