Vintage Bass Guitar – A Nice Website With Some Great Photos

Recently I was talking a course on Internet marketing and the website name StumbleUpon came up.  I’d never heard of it before, but now I have a new way to fritter away the day.

Through StumbleUpon I, well, stumbled upon a website called Vintage Bass Guitar.  It’s a pretty nice little website and has historical information on close to twenty brands of bass guitars.

On the welcome page you’ll some history of the bass, “In The Beginning…The electric bass guitar was first invented in the 1930s by Paul Tutmarc. But the bass guitar did not achieve any market success until 1951 when Leo Fender introduced his Precision Bass (P-Bass) which became the industry standard…In 1953 Gibson jumped on the bandwagon and produced their first electric bass which was named the EB-1. In 1958 they introduced the…“.  You’ll have to follow the link to get the whole story.

“Stay Tuned!”


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