Top Ten Boutique Bass Guitars – The 101 Basses Best List

Top Ten Boutique Bass Guitars

Top Ten Boutique Bass Guitars

Trying to make a list of The Top Ten Boutique Bass Guitars is not all that easy.  Everyone has a different favourite and there are over 900 bass brands to choose from .  And even though there are so many brands, there are lots that just cannot be called boutique.

To get a good sampling of “who thought which was best”, I setup a polling page through TalkBASS.  I got a great number of responses, but there were lots of votes for great basses that I really wouldn’t consider boutique.   Sorry guys, but Fender Custom Shop is not boutique.  They are special order, big production basses.

There was  also a number of brands that we all think of as boutique, which have really crossed the line to main stream production.  Two that made the list, Spector and Sadowsky, have a long history of being thought of as boutique, but have really grown to being quite large companies.  I considered that offshore production should disqualify the brand, but still kept these two brands on the list, just because they really started out as being great boutique basses.  And in the case of Spector, they really were at the forefront of what is now a Renaissance of fine bass luthiery.

The Top Ten Boutique Bass Guitars List…

#10 – Atlansia Victoria

Atlansia Victoria 5-string Fretless

Atlansia Victoria 5-string Fretless

Atlansia is a personal favourite of mine.  The only reason this brand is so low on the list is because the brand is not well known in the western world.  President and designer Nobuaki Hayashi (aka H.Noble) is a creative genius.  From art school to chief designer at Aria Pro II in the 70’s, to compulsive inventor Mr. Hayashi, produces some of the most innovative basses around.  The Victoria is, in my opinion, the most elegant of his designs.  Click for lots more information on Atlansia.  MSRP $4500 est.

#9 – Spector NS


Spector NS Series

Stuart Spector’s career started out because he wanted to have a quality instrument, but couldn’t afford one.  He set out to build the bass he couldn’t afford.  His first workbench was bolted to his bedroom.  Later on he met and befriended another young builder, Ned Steinburger.  Steinberger reworked one of Spector’s builds. That bass became the Spector NS and the rest, as they say, is history. The NS series basses are among the best known and loved of the boutiques.  Click for more info on Spector.

#8 – Ken Smith


Ken Smith

I have to admit, at the time of writing, that I do not know a lot about Ken Smith and really wasn’t sure what all the hoopla was about. So I turned to my trusty book American Basses: An Illustrated History and Player’s Guide to the Bass Guitar and read up. One of the interesting tidbits is that Mr. Smith was one of the early builders to build basses with a “B” string. This dating back to 1981. Click for more info on Ken Smith Basses.

#7 – Fodera


Fodera Yin Yang

Probably the most famous Fodera bass is the Yin Yang bass played by Victor Wooten. Vinnie Fodera started out by taking a guitar building class with Thomas Humphrey. Then he landed a job with Stuart Spector, working with Ned Steinberger and Ken Smith, all of whom are mentioned in this Top Ten Boutique Basses list. There must be something in the water at the Spector factory.  Click for more info on Fodera Basses.

#6 – Sadowsky


Sadowsky Bass

Roger Sadowsky does something very well that Fender seems to struggle with; He makes amazing Jazz Basses. For some time I didn’t realize that a lot of professional bassists weren’t playing Fenders. They were playing Sadowskys. Tal Wilkenfeld is one current endorser that shows just how good these basses sound. My own personal experience is comparing the Metro bass line to the American Jazz Deluxe’s at local stores. You might pay an extra grand, but you get that million dollar sound. Click for more info on Sadowsky Basses.

#5 – F Bass

George Furlanetto - F Bass AC-6 Fretless 6-String

George Furlanetto – F Bass AC-6 Fretless 6-String

The AC-6 from George Furlanetto is pure elegance.  The only thing I don’t like about F Bass is trying to search for it in Google.  But I guess Furlanetto Bass might be too hard for some to remember.  However, for some quite memorable playing of this bass you must check out F Bass endorser Alain Caron.  (Video)   Click for more info on F Bass.

#4 – Jerzy Drozd

Jerzy Drozd Barcelona

Jerzy Drozd Barcelona

Of all the basses on this list the Jerzy Drozd Barcelona is probably the most exotic. The styling of many of his basses are more like artistic wood sculptures made from many layers of many types of wood. Lots of stylized inlays and sound holes make these to-die-for instruments. For lots more info on Jerzy Drozd click here.

#3 – Carl Thompson

Carl Thompson Bass

Carl Thompson Bass

A while back I came across a video series on Carl Thompson.  If you’d like to get a sense of the man and his craft, this is really an excellent series to watch.  Carl Thompson’s basses have been around for quite a while, but they really came to fame when Primus bassist Les Claypool started playing a number of CT models.  Claypool bought his first CT by accident, finding a used one in a music store.  Later Claypool asked CT to build him more instruments.  CT basses with their distinctive hooked top horn have become a favorite amongst bassists seeking high quality boutiques.  Click for more info on Carl Thompson Basses

#2 – Jens Ritter Roya


Jens Ritter Instruments – Roya

Jens Ritter is firstly a luthier, but he is also a builder that has an unequaled sense of style.  He builds some of the finest basses, but these basses are also some of the most elegant instruments around.  Jens Ritter Instruments is located in the small wine town of Deidesheim, Germany.  Ritter has been building basses since the mid 1990’s.  The Roya is my favorite model, but there are lots of other awesome choices.  One of the most distinguishing features of Ritter basses and guitars are their finishes.  They produce finishes that stand by themselves as works of art.  Click for more information.  MSRP: unpublished

#1 – Alembic Series II


Alembic Classic II

If you needed to give another name to boutiques you might call them “Alembics”.  Alembic is arguably the original boutique bass guitar.  Alembic started out in a time when virtually all basses were either the big name (classic) brands or were cheap offshore knockoffs.  The company started out, not in luthiery but as a research group focused on improving concert and recorded sound.  Although the company builds guitars, the company is best known for its basses and has received a lot of high profile exposure from players such as Stanley Clarke and John Paul JonesThe Alembic Series II gets my vote for The Number One Top Boutique Bass Guitar  Click for lots more information and links on Alembic.  MSRP $23,000-$25,0000 est.


I noticed while I was building this list that six of the top ten boutique basses were American built. I wondered if that was because Americans built the best basses or just possibly the most popular (or best marketed) boutiques. In the end, it’s my belief that a great number of the best boutique bass guitars do come from the US, but the results on this list may be skewed due to the fact that the poll I took was taken on a predominantly American bass guitar forum.

BTW, if you’re a fan of American build basses please check out, American Basses: An Illustrated History and Player’s Guide to the Bass Guitar  (This is one of my faves)

The Best Boutique in So Many Ways

Ranking the basses on this list was problematic because some basses were better in some ways than others. Sadowsky for example really couldn’t rank in the original styling category could it?

Here are my “other best” on the list based on some individual attributes:

  • For Pure Technical Innovation — Atlansia  – When it comes to pushing the limits of technology and trying to “go where no bass has gone before”. H. Noble has it down.
  • For Building The Better Fender — Sadowsky – When it comes to taking the most popular bass ever built and making it one of the best basses ever built, the award has to go to Roger Sadowsky.
  • For Building The Bugatti of Basses — Alembic – (Notice I didn’t say Cadillac or Rolls Royce.)  Alembic is just the best.
  • For The Most Beautiful Woodwork — Jerzy Drozd – When wood and steel strings become art.
  • For The Most Beautiful Finishes — Jens Ritter – Almost every day it seems Jens Ritter posts another new bass with a finish that is new and original and just plain awesome.

… and of course I could go on all day.

toptenboutiques copyOkay, Let’s Get Shopping Now!

If you’ve read this far, you are probably looking for more.  So…

Shop eBay for the 101 Basses Top Ten Best Boutique Bass Guitars

Don’t Stop With Ten

Bass-Aholic currently lists close to 1000 brands of bass guitars.  Of those, over 100 are categorized as “boutiques”, but the list truly could be closer to 800.  The candidate list of about 100 brands was used as the basis for this list.  Check out the Boutique Bass Guitars Category on Bass-Aholic.  And, your GAS will continue to grow.

“Boutique Bass Guitar” – Defined

What is a boutique bass guitar?  Read the official 101 Basses Boutique Bass Guitar Definition.

More Resources

For the serious collector, or even for those that are just plain obsessed, you need to have a copy of the Vintage Guitar Price Guide.  (If you don’t know about the guide, read our review.)

Always Stay Tuned - Terri

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9 Responses to Top Ten Boutique Bass Guitars – The 101 Basses Best List

  1. Kirk Powers says:

    Sadowskys are real nice ….I own a few.. I would not call them a Boutique through… EXPENSIVE YES.. But they are not hand build like many of the others on this page. They are made from Parts that are sub contracted then delivered to the shop for hand working and final assembly….. Nothing wrong with that since the end product is great. .But Hardly a ’boutique bass” only by price IMO

  2. Harry Marcial says:

    If you have NYC Sadowsky’s they are built in shop in NYC. I do.

  3. Terri Breeze says:

    In the article I talk about Sadowsky and also Spector as being perhaps outside of the realm of boutiques. This is mostly because the companies have grown in to mainstream companies and also because they both moved production to Asia. In the case of Sadowsky through their Japanese Metro line and with Spector through a lot of it’s past production through Kramer. But while compiling info for this article through TalkBass members there was a lot of support for these two brands as boutiques. Dingwall was also high on the list, but just didn’t get enough votes. It was interesting that some people felt that Fender Custom Shop was boutique as well. Still I think a number of models of Sadowsky, especially NYC lines should be considered boutique. But in the end it is all subjective and purpose of the article was to bring to light the best of the best in bass guitars. Thanks for your comments though. Hopefully you liked the rest of the article. – Terri

  4. Kirk Powers says:

    The NYCs are Assented in NYC but body and necks are sub contracted out… Nothing wrong with that.. In fact it makes for very consistent builds… But they are not all cut and carved by Mr sadowsky at his shop…
    Spector, MTD, and all the others listed above are made by the builder himself with a crew.. Where the NYC sadowskys are body and necks cut somewhere else and finishing touches are done in NYC

  5. Kirk Powers says:

    Would have liked to maybe see the Alleva Coppolo basses

  6. James L Ferry says:

    how is it that completely American made, hand made, long established and beloved Pedulla basses are not on this list?

  7. Quentin Avery Curran says:

    Sorry, that is a Carl Thompson inspired bass, but that is NOT a CT shown in the picture.

  8. Jim Hazel says:

    Muckelroy Basses are definitely worth looking at! Brady Muckelroy takes his time to build each one by hand. He’s an incredible artist as a bassist also.

  9. No. 1 is spot on but the list lacks Wal and Status basses. I’d put them here instead Spector and Sadowsky (if you really want a boutique “super-Fender” check out Mike Lull’s creations).

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