Theft from Auto – Johnson’s Xstrange AUB-2 Scroll Bass

Bill Methatswho from the 101 Basses Facebook page has asked that I post information about a stolen Johnson Scroll bass.

This bass, serial number AUB-2 #067, was reportedly stolen from a car last September.   If you have any information about its whereabouts.  Please contact Bill on Facebook.

This is a hand built bass from Bruce Johnson’s Extremely Strange Musical Instrument Company.  So to say it is rare would be an understatement.

Johnson has been associated with Ampeg‘s scroll basses for a number of years.  This to the point of saying that these basses, although not Ampeg basses, should be considered not copies, but continuations of the scroll bass heritage.

A beautiful bass.  Undoubtedly the criminal that took it has no idea of its value.

If anyone has any comments.  Well, comment!


“Stay Tuned!”


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