The Hollywood Guitar Center – ROCK WALK

The Rock Walk

The Rock Walk

Actors have Grauman’s Chinese Theatre but what do have musicians have?  The answer is The Hollywood Guitar Center “Rock Walk

Did you know about it?  I’d never heard of it until I walked over it a year ago white visiting the store.  We’ve all heard of the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame, but this little treasure is not that well known.  They even have a website for it with maps and all.  But for some reason people don’t know about it.  Even it’s logo is teenie at 168 by 96 pixels.  (Hey we need some bigness here!)

According to the Rock Wall website, “In the early eighties, millions flocked to Hollywood to pay homage to its rich television and film history, while no one had taken the time to honor the industry and individuals that were on the cutting edge of changing the face of America. Everyone had forgotten the music.

In November of 1985, the void that the city of Hollywood had neglected for so many years, was finally filled by immortalizing those individuals and groups who had helped change the face of 20th Century music by creating Hollywood’s RockWalk®

So why so little fanfare???  Maybe we can change all this right here and now.  Forward this page to anyone you know that likes music.  This thing is huge, but highly underrated.

Unfortunately, Guitar Center’s website does not do this any justice either.  In fact this website, despite having it’s own domain, looks like sub page of their regular website.  Guitar Center really needs to play it up a bit.

Currently the Rock Walk has 186 inductees including everyone from AC/DC to ZZ Top.  Most of the tiles are individuals by there lots of groups too.  There is an adjacent museum, which I did not visit, and a large display case with lots of memorabilia.  This even includes a Dan Armstrong bass that belonged to Geezer Butler.

The website includes and outside and inside map so you can locate your faves ahead of time.

Rock Walk - Sidewalk

Rock Walk – Sidewalk

This is definitely a great treasure. Next time you’re in Hollywood ya just gotta check it out.

“Stay Tuned”

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