The Easiest Way to Find Bass Guitars on Ebay From Bass-Aholic

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Search everything bass guitar on eBay (should maybe be eBass?)

If you’re a true Bass-Aholic you know the best places online to search for bass guitars. And the best place to whittle away the hours online is by far eBay.

I love eBay and I have my favorite searches of course.  They almost always include the word “bass” and category 619 – Musical Instruments & Gear.

For some time I’ve been looking for a way to integrate eBay searches directly in to Bass-Aholic, so finally got off my big behind and signed up for eBay’s Partner Network.

The eBay Partner Network is, in essence, eBay’s affiliate program.  Affiliate programs allow web developers to monetize their websites by advertising for almost any product that can be sold online.

eBay – Dingwall bass guitar search

My vision for Bass-Aholic was to provide brand specific eBay searches for each page in Bass-Aholic.  There are over 1000 brand pages, so for each page you’d want to search eBay for basses related to the page you are on.  The implementation of this was actually not difficult and the result is that every brand page now has a related eBay search displayed.

You will notice that if eBay cannot provide direct matches of your exact search, it will try to find items related to your search.  Sometimes this might be a bother, but other times it works pretty well in helping you find something similar to what you want.

So if you can search for one brand name bass guitar, why not search for a whole bunch?  This is where the concept goes a bit crazy.  And, this part is a lot of fun.

There is a new option (a checkbox) on “The World’s Best Bass Guitar Search” page called called eBay.  (see screen shot at the top of this article)   If you search with this checkbox checked, an eBay search for each brand name bass guitar will be displayed.  Once the scrolling kicks in, this display gets rather interesting, but the result are something that will tickle the fancy of any confirmed Bass-Aholic with ADHD.  (Also known in our house as, Attention Deficit…Oh Shinny! — or ADOS)

Some really interesting searches are:

…as just a few examples.
You can create your own eBay searches from the main search page.  Simply click Reset, uncheck Bass-Aholic DataBASS, and check eBay, then pick whatever search you like.  The search will display eBay search blocks for each brands in the search.  Bookmarking the URL will save all of your parameters for next time.
Happy eBay bass shopping!
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