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In January of this year I had the idea of creating a website that would catalog all of the different models of basses that I was familiar with.  My partner Anita figured there were only a hand full of companies making basses.  I thought I could come up with maybe a dozen or two at the most. As you will see if you follow this blog, we were both very mistaken!

My intent was to list only the basses that I was interested in.  But my interest has instead become finding more and more companies that make basses.

After just a few months I have a website that contains close to a hundred different manufacturers of basses.  There are also a dozen or two other companies listed that make other types of instruments such as guitars and keyboards.

The Internet has become a wonderful place to find information.  Many of the luthiers I have on Bass-Aholic are one-man operations producing unique one of kind instruments.

One of these is Steve Wishnevsky who makes Wishbass.  Wishnevsky makes instruments that are made from exotic woods.  He strives to use very little metal.  This means no truss rods and simple bridge assemblies.  Check him out at Wishbass on Bass-Aholic

Another is Carver Doug Rowell.  Rowell is more of a sculptor than a luthier and according to his tag line “I can carve anything…out of anything. ”  My favorite is his Yellow Submarine bass.  Check him out at Doug Rowell on Bass-Aholic

There are many more of these and I will try to detail them as I go along.

In the meantime check out the main website bass-aholic.com.


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