tbgirlonbass @Twitter

Some time ago I set up a Twitter account but I never really used it.  Mainly because I didn’t see the point.

Recently it occurred to me that Twitter was a great place to journal what was happening on Bass-Aholic and on 101 Basses.  So I’ve resurrected my Twitter account.

The past week or so I’ve been posting all of what’s happening to Bass-Aholic on Twitter.  I’ve also added a Twitter sidebar to Bass-Aholic.  Suddenly I think Twitter is a great idea and I’m tweeting all the time now.

So check it out on Bass-Aholic and also follow me on Twitter.  It’s really a good way to keep track of all the stuff that’s happening on the “Place for Bass”

My Twitter account is tbgirlonbass and I currently have four (count ’em 4) followers.  Let’s see if we can get dem number up!


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