Sex and Violence and Rock ‘n’ Roll

Or, maybe just a girl with a bass?

My name is Terri and I’ve been playing for just about as long as can remember.  People tell me I play pretty well.  (I always want to say, “…you mean for a girl!?”)  I also play guitar and a bit of piano, mandolin and few other things.  But mostly I play bass.

My purpose for this blog is to try to document interesting stuff about music, musicians and mostly basses and other instruments.  Also, I’d like to talk about life as an amateur musician.  It can be the most rewarding, yet mostly unpaid, work you can ever have.

For me my love for music goes back to early childhood and my my interest in musical instruments goes back to adolescence when I first started to play.  Basses for me are like shoes are for a lot of girls.  You see one and you just gotta have it.  Too bad you couldn’t buy basses for the price of good pair of shoes. (sigh!)

Over the past while, I’ve been documenting a lot of information about basses.  You can see this at I’d love to hear any comments that anybody has.

Anyway… more later,


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