Noisey Fender Jazz Basses & How to Fix Them

Forgive me for taking on a cause, but I’m starting feel tad bit like a Ralph Nader or Phil Edmonston.  I promise I won’t stay on this for too long.

Recently I bought a fairly high end Fender Jazz bass.  More precisely it was a gift from a good friend.  We spent a lot of time looking a number of basses and decided on this Fender American Deluxe Jazz V bass.

Buying a Fender is in a lot of ways like buying a Chevrolet or a Dodge car.  What you expect with Fender is great design, classic sound and, with the American series basses, quality construction.

But also in the same way, you may be getting a lot of the same problems that come with American cars.  That being, that sometimes quality comes second to profits and sometimes it’s cheaper to not fix the problems.

Don’t get me wrong, this bass is awesome, but due to the lack of some simple shielding, the instrument is prone to noise.  By that I mean that annoying 60 Hertz hum that comes from some electronic devices.  In electronics this noise is referred to something caused by electromotive force or EMF.

Not wanting to get too technical I would just to refer everyone to this…

“article on TalkBASS that takes a practical look at how the problems with Fender basses.”

…The point being not to rag on Fender.  (Maybe later) But rather to try to provide help for those experiencing electrical problems with these basses.

Thanks to TalkBass members TerrHyper-sloth and the TB’er that researched and compiled this article.

More to come!


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