More on Bass Number 71 – Fender American Deluxe Jazz V – Problems

Me and my Jazz V

I feel that I need to add some information to the glowing review I gave to this bass previously.

I have been experiencing a fair amount of noise and hum problems with this bass and am currently working to correct the problem.  But as you research this on the Internet the plot gets thicker and thicker.

I really do try to stick to the positive side of everything bass, but it’s starting to look more and more like Fender has really let down it’s customers with the electronics in this bass.

The culmination of my research can be summed up with this posting from TalkBASS…

“American Deluxe Jazz / Pbass ground hum noise problem solved — I’ve tried the Jazz and Precision bass American Deluxe basses and they are awesome instruments, but many are laden with ground noise and some even crackle. Thanks to this forum (and a brain-picking session with my tech Dan at DGN Guitars while my 5 string bass was in his shop for a coil-tap switch for the MM pickup on my Cort GB75) I got on board with suggestions how to shield my electronics. I bought an ADP, had a problem and returned it and then had the same problem on the next one so I called Fender and later read here about how they helped other members with their hum problems. They wanted me to take it to a regional service facility. After opening the control cavity it was no surprize to find no shielding whatsoever. Same thing under the rear J pickup…”

I’m currently working to rectify the problem.  Stay tuned for more.


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