Jean Baudin – Insane Guitar Solo

I came across this video some time ago and was of course impressed because I’m a big stick fan. I was also offended by the title of “Insane Guitar Solo”.  This is obviously not a guitar.  At least in my book.  Its a tapping instrument like the Chapman Stick, Warr or Megatar.  (See tapping) What really annoyed me was that I couldn’t find this particular instrument on my website.  I did however find out that this is a custom Kenneth Lawrence instrument.

This video is a NAMM video on Jean Baudin playing a Kenneth Lawrence extended range guitar.

In the video Jean Baudin appears as just some casual NAMM attendee.  But give it a listen.  He’s one talented player.  According to his website he is a bass player.  To me another misnomer, but who am I to say.

Kenneth Lawrence instrument can now be found on Bass-Aholic.  Whew! :^)


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