Is it the end of BASS as we know it?…

Have you ever sat down on a high end keyboard/synthesizer as pressed the button that reads “e.bass”?  You click it and start playing.   You’re next thought is, “What the heck kind of e.bass is that supposed to be???”

Beyond that, how is a keyboard supposed to do stuff like stretches, vibratos, slides, slaps and so on?

Well here’s another new product that promises to be the end of all of us bass players.  It’s called “Reason Electric Bass” and its a toolkit of “eight hypersampled bass guitars”.  Watch the video and see what you think.

Will it put us all out of work?  I doubt it, but then again I never thought Ethernet would catch on.  (Oops!)

Click to watch the video and contact me if I should be selling my Warwick stocks… ;^)



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