What is the F Word in F Bass Guitars?

F Bass AC-6

F Bass AC-6

You have to wonder why somebody would name their company “F Bass”  For most people the “F” word has certain connotations.  Even for bass players you might think of F as a key.  Oddly, the F clef is also known as the bass clef so maybe it all makes sense.

In fact though, to discerning bass players, the  “F” bass is a well known high end Canadian built boutique bass.

The company was founded in Hamilton Ontario, Canada in 1978 by George Furlanetto.  So I’m guessing the name came from the founder’s last name.  Seems reasonable, don’t you think?

George F. started playing guitar at age sixteen and in 1969 he started  working for a local guitar shop.  By 1978 he established F-Instruments with the goal to “…make unique, ergonomic instruments with aesthetic appeal and the best possible sounds.”

In 1983 he started working with bassist Alain Caron and “was deeply impressed with his playing technique and technical knowledge.”  Since then Caron has been very active in endorsing and developing the F Bass product line.  So much so that their signature line bears his initials.

F Bass instruments are high quality boutique basses and as such are hand built to the highest standards with the finest materials.  “The look, feel and sound are all given great and detailed attention. One aspect cannot suffer at the expense of another. I have achieved a look that is totally new and individual, but still retains the classic lines. The sound is continually affected by the design, changes in the construction or by the choice of woods used. The artistry comes in the assembly of these various components, in balance, to achieve the ultimate instrument. My continuing focus is to improve upon current designs through research and development, build prototypes, interact with various players & customers, and to attain an array of dealers to expand sales internationally.” — George Furlanetto

Check out Alain Caron playing his F Bass live…

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Still looking for your dream bass?  This might just be the one.

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  1. FretSpot says:

    Nice article, Terri! I’m not only the #1 dealer for FBass, but also their #1 fan! Great instruments made by great people! Thanks for writing this.

  2. tcbreeze says:

    Very cool. Would love to try that AC-6 fretless sometime. Does anybody sell them around Vancouver?

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