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Terri's 1975 Fender Precision Bass Guitar

A slight modification of my 1975 Precision Bass guitar headstock.

Welcome to Terri’s Bass-Aholic.com

Electric Basses, Bass Guitars, EUB’s & More Basses – Terri’s Bass-Aholic.com is the “Place for Bass” and one of the Internet’s premier websites for everything to do with basses and playing bass. We have information, resources, links and photos to over 850 brands of basses. Whether you are looking for new or vintage, mainstream or boutique, student or professional gear, you’ll find it here. We also have links to dozens of forums and other bass resource websites and we can also help you find a place to purchase the bass guitar of your dreams.

We share your passion for bass… Terri’s Bass-Aholic.com is the “PLACE for BASS”

I’m always checking the web stats on my websites and it’s interesting to see how and what people are searching for.  So I thought give some ideas as to how to have some fun with Bass-Aholic.com

The greatest part of Bass-Aholic.com is the massive database (aka DataBASS) of currently over 850 brands of bass guitars.  The most common search I see on the DataBASS returns the entire list of basses.   This list is so long that my browser has troubles displaying it.

There are lots of better ways of searching the site.  Let’s look at a few…

  • My favorite is  the button in.  This search shows what has changed in the DataBASS in the past 14 days.  I like this search in particular because I can see what I’m working on.  Each time I create or modify a bass guitar brand’s information page the data is set to today’s date.  So using this search shows you the latest and greatest.
  • The single best ways to search for something in Bass-Aholic.com is using the… function.  This can be found on the right side bar of any page.  This function searches the entire DataBass searching for several columns for partial matches.  This includes searching the columns for the brand name, comments, locale and model names.  So you are not just searching for a name. — A secondary part of the database is something called the “submissions” list.  This is a list of all bass links that have ever been submitted to Bass-Ahilic.  The list is completely unsorted and not validated, but provides a source list of brands for me to research.  This search query provides a secondary list of matches that may not have made it to the master list.  So even if Bass-Aholic hasn’t researched a brand of bass you may still be able to find links to it’s website.  This search is probably the best way to search any kind of instrument name.  And it just keeps getting better all the time.
  • Another great way to search for bass is using the Google search function…  Bass-Aholic.com has an embedded Google search function that allows you to search the Internet directly from any page in the website.
  • A second Google search is found on the DataBASS search page.  This search… … is a bit different in that it searches Bass-Aholic.com through Google’s search engine.  It also provides some external search matches and even some advertising related to what you are searching for.
  •  One other cool thing you can do is search on categories.  As I go through various brands I try to attach applicable categories to the brand.  Some of the category searches are buttons such as,   or .  You click on any of those buttons, but there are more categories.  They can be seen from the DataBASS search page… …  Choosing any of these categories from the list and pressing the search button will provide a list of the types of bass guitars you have selected.

There are tons more things you can do with Bass-Aholic searches, but that’s a lot for one day.

Please experiment and see what gems you can find.



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