Ed Roman – February 24, 1950 – December 14, 2011

Interview on NAMM.org

Ed Roman is probably best known as the owner of Ed Roman Guitars in Las Vegas NV, USA.

He was a colorful figure that built some great basses and guitars.  Many of those that dealt with him either loved him or hated him.  There’s no shortage of rant sites to found on him.

A local fellow bass player friend, plays one of Roman’s Rickenbacker copies (called the “Goosenbacker”) and claims it to be better than the real thing.

No matter how you felt about him, Ed Roman was an innovator and like so many great people worked against the tide of the musical instrument industry to the benefit of players everywhere.

Misdirected ignorant brand loyalty clogs the wheels of progress !!!” – Ed Roman

More information:

Thanks Ed for your amazing and unique contributions to bass and guitar building!

Condolences Ed’s family.


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