Eastwood Classic 12 with Wendell Ferguson

Wendell Ferguson and the Eastwood Classic 12

Wendell Ferguson and the Eastwood Classic 12

I’ve talked about Mike Robinson and his Eastwood brand in the past.  But, if you don’t already know about Eastwood, this is a company that takes unique bass and guitar designs from the past and remakes them as affordable, playable and decent sounding modern instruments.

This Eastwood Classic 12 seems to be a bit of a hybrid of two concepts.  Deeply rooted in and Gretsch with a bit of Rickenbacker thrown in.

I say that because this guitar’s styling is obviously all Gretsch, but Wendell only mentions Rickenbacker, then starts performing the class Byrds song Turn Turn Turn.  The Byrds, Jim/Roger McGuinn is of course best know for playing Rickbacker 360 and 370 12-strings.

Regardless, this Eastwood Classic 12 is a pretty cool guitar and this Youtube video does a nice job of showcase the sound of this guitar.

For me, 12-string guitars (or 8-string basses) are cool but maybe a bit limited in use.  (In that you probably don’t want to be playing one all the time.)  So this Eastwood costing less that $500.00 may just be a cool addition to your collection.

I think I might like one!  How about you??? :^)



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