DR Handmade Strings in NEON PINK!

While I was at Westcoast Music for a guitar clinic I was given a set of these DR Neon strings.  When asked what colour I wanted I said, “Pink, of course!”

This is really a fun idea but I’m wondering about the practicality of it.  And, how does that colour stuff they put on the strings effect the sound of the strings.  After all, did you ever once wonder what colour strings Paul McCartney put on his Rickenbacker bass during the Sgt. Pepper sessions?

One thing you never see in a string package is a warning.  But these strings have one.  Basically they are telling you to not scratch the paint off of the strings.  To make installation as easy as possible and to avoid scraping off the finish, I installed them on my Ibanez Artcore bass.  This bass has the “quick change” bridge, so changing strings is a snap.  (Also it will be easy to put the old strings back on later, if I don’t like these ones.)

So the question is, how do they sound?  I figure the only way to know is to record both sets on one bass then listen to them side by side.  The following music sample is of my Ibanez Artcore bass.  It starts with a set of D’Addario XL Chomes ECB82 flat-wounds.  Then at 0:51 it transitions to the DR Neon set.  At 1:40 it switches back to the D’Addarios.  The last few second have both sets.  Click to hear.

Artcore Before

So how do they look?

Artcore After

Well a bit strange I guess.  Maybe funky is a good word.  They remind me of how my teenage daughter likes to put brightly colour shoe laces on a black pair of runners.

Anyway pretty interesting to say the least.  Nothing to do with professional high quality playing, but just something a bit fun to do.

To me these strings sound fine.  But in a comparison to the flat-wounds that were on the bass before, I think I like that  the flat-wounds sound better.  The neons have a more metallic sound I think.  That kind of surprised me as I expected they might have more of that rubbery tape-wound sound.

So overall, good strings, good sound.  These ones were priced at $40.00 CDN.  Which is quite a bit more than the bland old silver string that I was playing.  You’ll have to decide if the colour is worth the extra money.

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“Stay Tuned!”

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