Davy Jones 1945-2012

The Monkees in their heyday

The Monkees in their heyday (Jones at left)

It was a sad moment in music history yesterday when news spread of the death of Davy Jones at age 66.

Jones was of course best know as a member of the Monkees.

For those old enough to remember the sixties, Jones with the rest of Monkees rose to fame in the wake of Beatlemania.  The Monkees were of course not initially a band but in fact a TV show, with two of the band members not having any music background.

Jones was born in Manchester and started his acting career at age 11 on the British soap opera Coronation Street.

An ironic moment of his life was appearing on the Ed Sullivan show as part of the cast of Oliver on the same episode as The Beatles American debut.

Jones career skyrocked after the Monkeeys debuted in September of 1966.  Jones was the only English member of the band and provided contrast to the others with polite and even shy persona and bright smile.

Thanks to Davy for your contributions to music and for providing some bright moments in the mist of a turbulent time in history.

RIP Davy Jones


“Stay Tuned!”

As a side note, the Monkees instruments were all provided by Gretsch.  In a time when on screen marketing and endorsements were almost unheard of, the band played basses, guitars and drums all provided by Gretsch.  Peters bass is a Gretsch G6073.  The bass remains quite similar today with exception of the headstock configuration


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