Custom Metal Art Pickguards

First off, I have to say I’m not promoting anything or getting any commissions or fees.  I just thought these were cool and wanted to share them with everyone.

Ertmer Music in Germany is the manufacturer of custom metal art pickguards for several types of instruments.  I though these were really beautiful and would love to have one for that Fender American Standard Jazz Bass that I haven’t purchased yet.

They sell pickguards for several Fender and Gibson instruments.  Here are a few examples…

Jazz Bass

Thunderbird Bass

These products are available through Ertmer Music’s eBay store.

If anyone buys one, I’d love a pic of it on your bass.


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2 Responses to Custom Metal Art Pickguards

  1. Henry Roberts says:

    this is roughly what it would look like (photoshopped badly)

  2. Terri Breeze says:

    Cool! Thanks Henry.

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