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What could be more fun for the serious bass-aholic, but to spend your day designing your very own high end boutique bass guitar?

In my cyber travels I’ve visited literally thousands of websites that have had something to do with musical instruments.  All too often I’m disappointed by poorly designed websites that don’t present, what might be a great product, in a way that might actually help sell their products.  My favourite example was a website for a bass builder that literally had a one inch square blurry picture of a bass with button that said “BUY NOW!”.  I’m guessing that over many years nobody would have clicked that button.

On the flip side are well designed, well written websites that have great graphics, (or photos) of the instrument you are interested in.  They have information about the builder, and even some geographical information.  (Imagine sending money to someone that doesn’t even have a postal address!)  They have videos and sound bytes and some endorsers.  Don’t you feel much better about dropping a few thousand dollars here?

One of things that are far too few and far between are the builders that actually get a professional web developer to build a full featured site for them.  And I’m not talking about fancy Flash presentations.  Too often web designers go crazy with technology and fancy graphics and forget they’re trying to sell a product.

George Furlanetto’s F bass website is one of those top notch websites that you love to see and love to spend time poking around it.  And what’s amazing is that F bass is not a huge company.  F bass builds high end bass guitars and has a staff of around ten people.

One of the things that’s really cool about their website is their custom build feature.  You will often see this with the big car companies like Honda and Ford, but how often do you see this with a small boutique bass guitar builder?

F-Bass Custom Build Webpage

F-Bass Custom Build Webpage

This web page lets you go through the process of designing your own custom F bass bass guitar.  If you are serious about buying an F bass, you can create a user and save your builds.  Presumably this will let you go in to the actual ordering process, but I’m afraid my Visa is not quite ready for this.  Instead, if you’re like me, you use the option for “just playing” and building the F bass of your dreams.

This site is a really cool idea for a number of reasons.  Firstly you can go through the process of deciding what kind of options are available.  This in itself is very useful, but more importantly you can see how much your exact bass is going to cost you.  This is great for those just kicking tires, but it’s probably really helpful for the F bass sales staff too.  This will avoid a lot of emails and phone calls from looky loos.  Those that might really be interested, but have no clue what the instruments cost. In the end, sales staff will only have to talk mostly with qualified buyers.

The build process takes you through numerous options from bass model, to string configuration, to orientation (right handed or lefty) to finish and hardware and so on.

This custom build page is one cool feature.  Well thought out and well designed.

I hope that other builders might look at this website as example of how to do it right!

Right on F bass!

“Stay Tuned!”

Note: The “F bass” logo uses a lower case “b” for bass.  101 basses may use “F-Bass”, “F Bass”, “FBass” or “F bass”.  We hope not to offend the builder.

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