Top Ten Boutique Bass Guitars – The 101 Basses Best List

Trying to make a list of The Top Ten Boutique Bass Guitars is not all that easy.  Everyone has a different favourite and there are over 900 bass brands to choose from .  And even though there are so many brands, there are lots that just cannot be called boutique. … Continue reading

Top Ten Boutique Bass Guitars – “Boutique” Defined

So what is a “Boutique Bass Guitar”?  Before you can build a list of the Top Ten Boutique Bass Guitars you really need to define exactly what a Boutique Bass Guitar *is*. Even answering that basic question is open to lots of interpretation.  Some time ago I asked this question … Continue reading

My Top 10 Christmas Wishlist Basses

Something old, something new, something borrowed…  Wait this is a Christmas list not a wedding.  But along the same lines, here’s my little Christmas wishlist.  It has a pretty wide variety of instruments that would be cool to own. I could have course come up with a top 20 or … Continue reading