Luthier Roger Rossmeisl Riding Rickenbacker’s Crested Wave

(b.1927 in Kiel, Germany – d.1979 in Berlin, Germany) Rossmeisl, son of luthier Wenzel Rossmeisl, was a luthier that worked for Fender, Gibson and Rickenbacker.  Roger Rossmeisl was hired by F.C. Hall in 1954 and was responsible for a number of Rickenbacker designs of the era.  Most notably, Rossmeisl designed … Continue reading

What is the F Word in F Bass Guitars?

You have to wonder why somebody would name their company “F Bass”  For most people the “F” word has certain connotations.  Even for bass players you might think of F as a key.  Oddly, the F clef is also known as the bass clef so maybe it all makes sense. … Continue reading

Rod Banach and Regenerate Guitar Works

This past weekend I had the pleasure of visiting Regenerate Guitar Works in Bothell Washington, just outside Seattle. Regenerate is one of large number of small builders that make limited quantities of high quality hand built  instruments. The company builds mainly basses and these instruments are primarily rooted in Fender … Continue reading