Cool Bass Player Gifts for Christmas 2016

Remember a few years ago the black socks ads that were running on television? They made fun of the fact that people always give black socks to people at Christmas. The funny thing is that every year I got black socks from my in-laws. But that stopped that year. I … Continue reading

Vintage Guitar Price Guide – The One Book For Serious Bass Collectors

If you are serious about collecting guitars and bass guitars then the The Official Vintage Guitar Price Guide 2014 is the one book you just have to have. But let’s be real, you’ll never read this book. Instead you will find yourself thumbing through it for hours on end. And, … Continue reading

My Top 10 Christmas Wishlist Basses

Something old, something new, something borrowed…  Wait this is a Christmas list not a wedding.  But along the same lines, here’s my little Christmas wishlist.  It has a pretty wide variety of instruments that would be cool to own. I could have course come up with a top 20 or … Continue reading