Bass Number 90 Eko

Eko Bass

This bass is a mid sixties Eko bass.

Prior to writing this article I thought I knew something about Eko, but I was very wrong.

Here’s a quote from Fetish Guitars,Eko is the firm founded by Oliviero Pigini in 1959. Eko was the largest musical instruments firm in Europe from 1964 until the 1970’s. It was also one of the largest European exporters of guitars to the United States. A significant part of the history is also tied to that of the Lo Duca Brothers. Eko produced organs and guitars for Vox and was a leader in the distribution of musical instruments in Italy.

I also didn’t realize that Eko was still in production and seems to be thriving.

This bass is owned by my friend and fellow bassist Clint Wilson.  He purchased the bass for around $450.00

Given the price, the age and lack of a big brand name, you might not think this is much of a bass, but it’s actually a really good.

Sixties Eko Bass Head

The Bound neck is thin and quite playable.  I found no noticeable buzzes.  Although the action was set a bit high, (still better than my ’75 Precision), I was able to fly around the fretboard with ease.

This bass sounded very good as well.  The only problem is the number of switches and knobs.  I really wasn’t quite sure what they did what.  So I’m sure whatever sound I was getting was completely accidental.  But still a great sound.  One that is nice and clear, while reminiscent of those bands of the sixties.

I’ve never tried any other Eko’s but this one is definitely one you could take on stage.  Very cool and very vintage.

Thanks to Clint for letting me play it and using it in my blog.

Also, stay tuned for an updated Eko page on Bass-Aholic.  The current one is sorely in need of some new content.

“Stay Tuned”

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