Bass Number 83 Eastwood Classic 4

Eastwood Classic 4 Orange Terri

Eastwood Classic 4 in Orange with Terri

I’ve talked about Eastwood in the pass on this blog.  I really like the concept of this company.  This is to take cool old basses and guitars from the past and build new ones that look like the old ones but are affordable and playable.

One of those classic old basses from the past that are hard to come is the Gretsch 6072.  The 6072 is the bass version of the Gretsch Country Gentleman.  I had a chance to play an original 6072 sometime ago.  And frankly it looked cool, but was a monster to play.

The Eastwood Classic does a lot better at making a bass that is playable.

Fender Jazz V - Ibanez Artcore

Fender Jazz V - Ibanez Artcore

The original 6072 has a 34″ scale.  This one is 32″.  That shouldn’t be a problem as 34″ is the most common bass scale length.  Except that when you get a semi-acoustic bass.  With a solid body bass the bridge and tailpiece are usually pushed right to the back of the body.  With a semi-acoustic, like this one, the bridge is often placed further up the body.  In order to maintain that scale length the overall body side ends up being quite large.  As an example compare the 34″ scale of my Fender Jazz V to my Ibanez Artcore bass with a 30″ scale.  The nuts of the two instruments are almost level.

The Eastwood Classic 4 compromises with a 32″ scale.  This makes the bass length a lot more comfortable.

Overall this bass has a pretty nice feel to it.  The fit and finish are great and the orange finish is amazing.  Orange is of course the classic finish of vintage Gretschs.

Eastwood Classic 4 with Shop Tag

Eastwood Classic 4 with Shop Tag

This bass did, however, fail the “cut” test.  That is when you run your hand up and down the neck, do the fret ends scratch your hands?  The answer for this one is, big time!  With all the other stuff done right, dressing the ends of the frets should have been an easy way to complete the job and make a really decent bass.

The best part of this is the price tag.  It goes for only $499.00 and according to the Tom Lee Music Store price tag you can finance it for $15.00 per month.

I wouldn’t mind having one of these.  Of course after a bit of fret work.

Love that classic look!

“Stay Tuned!”



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