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Pedulla Buzz

Pedulla Buzz

When I walked into the Langley Long & McQuade a few days ago I had one of those eye popping heart racing moments that only a true bass-aholic could understand.

Firstly because I saw a Pedulla bass sitting in a stand in the used gear section.

Secondly because it was only $449.00 and for a moment I though just maybe that was cheap enough to sneak it on to my store account.

I quickly grabbed the bass and headed for a bass amp.

Michael Pedulla is one of a group of American boutique bass builders.  Pedulla has been making basses since the mid-70’s.  A time when virtually all basses were made by Fender and a handful of other companies.  Mr. Pedulla found that although guitar players were firmly stuck to their big name brands that bass players were a lot more open to new ideas so his new company focused on building basses.


This “Buzz” model is a fretless bass  and features neck through construction with an ebony fingerboard with a polyester coating.  This fretless neck looks quite a bit like the Squier Jazz ebonal but is the real deal, high quality and professional craftsmanship.  (craftspersonship?)

This bass was a beauty to play and had a wonderful distinctive tone.  This one has a P-pickup in the neck position and a J-pickup in the bridge position.  All Pedulla electronics, (with the exception of some early models), are from Bartolini.  According to the Pedulla website, pickups and active electronics are, “Made for M.V. Pedulla by Bartolini…”.

The Pedulla website has a great page about choosing a bass.  Please give it a read.  It may help you in your buying decision.  Regardless of weather Pedulla is on your personal radar.

Store Price Tag

You have to wonder why this bass had been brought in to Long & McQuade.  It certainly wasn’t because it’s not a great bass.  These basses are seldom seen around Vancouver and are not cheap to buy new.  It could only be that someone either needed the money or had joined a cover band where they were forced to play a Precision.  This is after all not your average sounding bass and only be appreciated by the more serious players.

So did I buy it?  On the company website, the list price of these basses runs from about $4200.00 to about $6000.00.  Soo $499 is an unbelievable price right?  You would think somebody must have dropped off a building or something.  But, nope, it’s in near new condition.

After I was playing it, (and admiring it), I looked at the price tag.  The price had jumped by $1000.00.  What the…?!  The tag had been tucked into the strings and it seems the “1” was hidden behind a string.  So sad.  Another one got a way.  Why can’t I be a millionaire anyway?!

More information about Pedulla can be found on   Please check out our site and also take a look around Pedulla’s website.

American Basses by Jim Roberts is one of my favorites and a must have for all true bass-aholics and those suffering from GAS.  This book features Pedulla basses and information about Michael Pedulla and his building philosophies

Pretty cool bass!

Stay tuned!


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