Bass Guitar Obsession? Three Ways to Fritter Away Your Day

If you love guitars, bass guitars and other cool musical instruments, Bass-Aholic is here to help fuel your obsession and give you GAS.  If you have ADHD, (or ADOS – Attention Deficit–Oh Shiny) we’re most happy to help get lost in the endless plethora of beautiful and interesting bass guitars.

Buried away in the submenus of Bass-Aholic are three really cool pages that you just have to see…


Surprise Me!

Number One — Surprise Me
Bass-Aholic has close to 1000 bass guitar brand pages. That means 1000 pages and every one has something different or unique. And, how do you just stumble upon some thing cool? Well you click the Surprise Me link. Every time you click, Bass-Aholic will display one random page. So life really is a like box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get. It’s fun and a great way to find new stuff.

Number Two — PinBoard  Sometimes it seems like Bass-Aholic just has too much information and you can never find what you are looking for.  If you have a keyword you can search for it using the World’s Best Guitar Search.  It’s by far the easiest way to go.  But if you are looking for visual details, that’s just not going to do it for you.  Instead you can use the PinBoard.  This page is really simple, it shows you a thumbnail (a smaller photo) of every bass brand in the Luthiers DataBASS.  It doesn’t show you every model for every brand, but you get my best sample of the work of each brand.

(BTW Variations of the PinBoard have been offered in hi-res photos, that are sized as screen savers.  So you can show the world your true passion for bass guitar.)


Bass-Aholic PinBoard

 Number Three — SlideShow  The Bass-Aholic DataBASS contains literally thousands of photos.  SlideShow takes random picks of these thousands of pix and shows them for a few seconds each.  Thumbnails are not displayed as the page works to find the the higher-res pix in the DataBASS.  Load this page on your HD TV screen while you’re having a few beers with your bass players friends.  Even guitar players will be impressed.  Way more fun than a zonk poster and no blacklights are required!


Bass-Aholic SlideShow

So there it is.  Three cool ways to fritter away your day on Bass-Aholic.  But I’m guessing that if you are still reading this page, you are NOT a true Bass-Aholic and do not have ADOS or you would have already been off trying out these pages.


Always Stay Tuned - Terri




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