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Web Forums are a great way to get information about anything that interest you.  So its not surprising that there are hundreds of them for any subject you can think of.  For certified bass-aholics forums related to bass guitar are great place to hang out, get information, meet others with related interest and to promote your own products and services.

Bass-Aholic Bass Guitar Forums

Forums Menu has had a forum page for quite some time, but now there’s something new.  The original web page has been moved to a databass in The Luthier’s DataBASS.

Search Forums Page

What that means is that now there’s something else you can search for.  (I’m kind of obsessed with the idea of being able to find stuff easily).

So now when you pick Resources | Forums from the menu you get a list of all the Forum Links on Bass-Aholic, but now you can search for keywords too.  Try typing Dean and clicking Search and you’ll be directed straight to the Dean Guitars Forum.

The Forum Search Page is currently broken down into three sections.  The first section is for TalkBASS, which is the king of all Bass Guitar Forums.  The second section is for forums that are not related to a specific brand of bass guitars.  The third section is for forums that are directly related to a specific brand of bass guitar.

Advanced Search for Forums

The other cool thing you can do now is, when searching in the main Advanced Search page, you can look for forums associated to the search you are doing.  So if you are searching for say, Alembic, the search can now also search for forum links related to that search.  Just make sure the Forums box is checked.  (It normal is.)

So there’s a bunch more stuff you can do with Bass-Aholic.  Your map to the coolest bass guitars on the planet.


Always Stay Tuned - Terri


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