Bass Bass Bass (Bais, Bayce, Bass)

Okay this may be a bit silly or anal or whatever, but here it is…

Nomenclature:  Bass is bass.  When I say bass I’m usually referring to an “electric bass” which is what a lot of people refer to as a bass guitar.  (In my books “bass guitar” is a misnomer.)  I often refer to guitars and sticks and sometimes other stringed instruments as basses, just because, well I guess it’s an age related thing.

I was once in a music store with my son, when he was about two.  The sales clerk was impressed because my son was pointing at the basses and saying “bass”.  The clerk thought he was a bright little kid and knew the difference, when really he didn’t know what a guitar was.

I used to always argue that electric bass is not a bass guitar since an electric guitar is derived from an acoustic guitar and an electric bass is derived from a double bass.  An electric guitar is strung and tuned like and acoustic guitar and an electric bass is strung and tuned like a double bass.  But then there are those acoustic basses that look just like an acoustic guitar.  Maybe calling that type of bass a bass guitar makes more sense.  Maybe as soon as you put frets on it becomes a guitar?  But then again there are fretless basses and people still call them guitars.  Or maybe when you turn it sideways and put a strap on it, it becomes a guitar.


Bass Guitar or Bass Fish

Bass Guitar or Bass Fish???

The other annoying thing is, that in English, bass refers to low frequency sound, but it’s also a fish.  Why do we spell bass (rhymes with face) like bass (rhymes with ass).  I think a unique spelling would be more to the point.  Don’t you?  How about “bayce” or “bais” or “baise”.  Actually let’s skip “baise”.  I Googled that…and… Yikes!

I actually like bais.  What do you think?  If we could get enough people to spell electric bass as “electric bais”, we could forever change the spelling of bais.  Maybe then I’d be okay with calling it a bais-guitar!

Anyway, bass is bass.  (bais is bais)


How do you think bass should be spelled?  

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  1. Anita says:

    No,no, no…. If I’m not mistaken bais has a soft ‘s’ sound. I think you need a ‘c’. I think Bace is the way to go………

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