Planes, Trains & Basses… Is it Safe to Travel with Your Guitar on an Airplane?

One of the questions that comes up from time to time is about travelling on an airplane with your beloved bass.  It is safe to take a your bass guitar on an airplane and what’s the best way to make sure it arrives undamaged?  It’s a really a good question … Continue reading

How Terri’s Bass-Aholic Can Help You Promote Your Bass Brand

As of this writing (January 2013) Terri’s hosts web pages for 1037 brands of musical instruments.  That’s 1037 companies or groups that build instruments.  Of those, 923 pages are for companies that make electric bass guitars.  That’s a lot of basses.  There are easily a few hundred more brands … Continue reading

Cool Website – Build Your Own F-Bass Bass Guitar

What could be more fun for the serious bass-aholic, but to spend your day designing your very own high end boutique bass guitar? In my cyber travels I’ve visited literally thousands of websites that have had something to do with musical instruments.  All too often I’m disappointed by poorly designed … Continue reading