101 Basses – New Look!

101 Basses has a new header page. Significant I think to warrant a post. The new screen has links to…

  1. Bass Cat Music
  2. Anita’s Visalus Page
  3. The 101 Basses Amazon Store
  4. My Girl-on-Bass website
  5. Terri’s Bass-Aholic.com
  6. The Bass List – Basses reviewed on 101 Basses. (As requested by Harrison)
  7. The Girl-on-Bass Twitter feed link
  8. The 101 Basses group on Facebook
  9. …and of course the 101basses.com reload links

And don’t forget the new mailing list subscription panel on the left side bar.

101 Bass New Layout

101 Basses New Layout



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