Vintage Guitar Price Guide – The One Book For Serious Bass Collectors

2014 Vintage Guitar Price Guide

If you are serious about collecting guitars and bass guitars then the The Official Vintage Guitar Price Guide 2014 is the one book you just have to have. But let’s be real, you’ll never read this book. Instead you will find yourself thumbing through it for hours on end.

And, you’ll  find yourself grabbing for this book every time you see an interesting or rare bass online or in a music store.  And guess what, before long, you’re  going to throw this into the recycling bin.  Why?!  Because every year you are going to want to buy the newest issue.  (Or maybe you’ll collect the old issues so you can track how much your investment appreciates ever year.)

Guitar dealers, music shops, professional players, and collectors trust it as the only source for accurate values on vintage gear!  (My favorite guitar shop always has a beat up copy on his work bench.)

So don’t delay, and order your copy directly from and save a bundle off the publishers direct online price.  The Official Vintage Guitar Price Guide 2014 (Official Vintage Guitar Magazine Price Guide)

Highly recommended

The Official Vintage Guitar Price Guide 2014 offers the data experts use to track the values of guitars, basses, lap steels, mandolins, ukuleles, banjos, amps, and effects. And, new this year is practical, professional advice on maintaining your collection! With more 176,000 copies sold to date, The Guide has long been the industry-leading reference, trusted by guitar dealers, professional players, and collectors worldwide! The Guide includes historical data along with values derived from comprehensive research and hard-nosed, realistic market analysis. At over 600 pages with information on more than 2,000 brands, and illustrated with 1,300 photos, no other source offers more information. —

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