Top Ten Boutique Bass Guitars – “Boutique” Defined

So what is a “Boutique Bass Guitar”?  Before you can build a list of the Top Ten Boutique Bass Guitars you really need to define exactly what a Boutique Bass Guitar *is*.

Even answering that basic question is open to lots of interpretation.  Some time ago I asked this question on my favourite bass forum TalkBASS.  You can read that thread here.

The official 101 Basses definition of a boutique bass is as follows:

Boutique Bass: “A high end, hand crafted bass made by a low production luthier that has been tailored for a specific bassists’ needs and requirements.”

Once you have a definition, the next step is trying to figure out which bass builders fit the bill.  The Bass-Aholic DataBass keeps information on over 900 brands of bass guitar.  So which of those 900 are boutique?

Once again I went to TalkBASS and started a thread there asking which bass guitar builders would be considered boutique.  The response was overwhelming . And if I took the advice of everyone that responded I think all 900 would have been contenders.  But in the end I was able to come up with about 100 bass brands that could be considered “boutique”.  The Bass-Aholic list of Boutique Basses can be found here.

In the end there were well over one hundred contenders for the top ten boutique basses.  I then setup a polling form and recorded the results from TalkBASS members.  Most of the results were not so surprising.  Some of the builders I was familiar with, but didn’t realize they had such a following.  The top two, however, seem to be no contest hands down winners.  Who were they?

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