Top Ten Boutique Bass Guitars – #10 Atlansia Victoria

Atlansia Logo

Atlansia Logo

The only reason that Atlansia is at the bottom of this list is due to their lack of popularity in the market outside of Japan. This in no takes away from the products importance. Quite to the contrary,  Atlansia is one of the most innovative builders on this list.

Atlansia is the brain child of Nobuaki Hayashi from Nagano Japan. Mr Hayashi goes by the pseudonym of H. Noble, a name that is well known to anyone that is a fan of the works of Matsumoku. Matsumoku was a giant in the Japanese guitar building industry for decades, but unfortunately closed in 1987.

H. Hoble was part of Matsumoku during its period of going from budget guitar builder to producing products that rivaled the big American builders. He was, most notably, the designer of the Aria Pro II SB-1000 Bass that was used by several well known bassists.

After Matsumoku, Noble founded Atlansia and is currently it’s president and designer.

Noble is a true inventor and creative genius. Many of his designs are completely original and have features not found on other instruments. He has a long list of patents registered in his name for innovations in guitar and bass guitar design, and also in areas of design outside of guitar building.

Historically, the typical bass guitar had four strings, but over the years has has come in five, six or even more strings. Atlansia has bass models covering those, but also has a one string model, the Solitaire, a two string, the Dualist and a three string, the Trister.

Atlansia Victoria 5-String Fretless

Atlansia Victoria 5-String Fretless

Of all the bass guitar models built by Atlansia, my all time favorite is the Victoria. This bass comes in a number of configurations from 4-string to 6-string, fretted or fretless and with a variety of pickups, electronics and tailpieces.

Atlansia Victoria
(specs for model shown)
Body Walnut 2p Over 12years
Neck Canadian Hard Rock Maple,(Option : Carbon Fiber Reinforced )
Fingerboard Ebony 300-400r
Scale ( 0f-B ) 864mm ( 34 Inch )
Winder Goto
Tensioner Roller Type
String Nut Adjustable Screw Nut(Fit
Fret Jumbo Sbb-215
Position Marker Side Only 5mmdot
Pick-Up Atlansia Original Arcx5
Tailpiece Atlansia Original
Bridge Screw Type
Metal Coating
Controls 1v,3eq,
Finger-Rest None
Hi-Posi Cutaway Atlansia Cutaway
Body-Finish Oil
Neck-Finish Urethan Mut
Neck Joint Bolt On Joint
Case With Soft Case
Warrantee 5 Years

One of the nicest styling features, in my opinion, is the use of the bird as a sound hole instead of the tradition f-hole that most hollow bodied instruments have.

Of the more innovative features of this bass are the individual string humbucking pickups. This design allows for having one pickup that can be used for any string configuration. But beyond that, on many models, the pickups can be rotated to adjust the phasing of the field around the string.

The Atlansia Victoria comes in several configurations…

Atlansia Victoria 4-string Red

Atlansia Victoria 4-string Red

Atlansia Victoria 6-String Bass Guitar

Atlansia Victoria 6-String Bass Guitar

Atlansia Victoria Guitar

The Victoria has a similar guitar model

Pricing for this model is in the range of around $4500.00 to $5000.00 depending on features and current exchange from Japanese Yen.

Although I’ve yet to play one of these basses, what I’ve read about them and all my research indicates them to be a truly unique and a great contender for my Top Ten Boutique Basses List.

More sources of information on Atlansia:
New Atlansia Breeze Bass
Atlansia Guitars (English Version)
Atlansia Japan Website 

“Stay Tuned” as the Top Ten Boutique Bass countdown continues

Always Stay Tuned - Terri


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  1. Terri Breeze says:

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  2. Levent says:

    Atlansia design/engineering wise could top the list againts Skjold and such to be honest 🙂 The guy even makes his own machines that shapes neck and cuts fret slots. Has his own seperate high mass bridge model, seperate pickups , tuner models and headstock innovations. Its funny only 600 people follow him on facebook. I guess people will recognize his work way too late.

  3. Terri Breeze says:

    I agree. Mr. Hayashi has done amazing things in his career. He was also a prominent designer at Matsumoku and worked on a number of Aria Pro II designs. He is a creative genius. What he lacks is marketing savvy in the US. But I also think that he’s at a point in his life where he doesn’t want be building a lot of guitars anymore. I`ve also done an English website for his products at

  4. Levent says:

    Lol thats better than his original site. Btw I didn’t see my luthier at your lists. Check ‘Özgür Luthier Turan’ he builds under Turan Guitars name at facebook. His work is very innovative aesthetic and really sounds good. He is building for me atm.

  5. Terri Breeze says:

    Thanks I’ll add Turan soon. I have a bit of backlog right now. Does he have a website? Or, just a Facebook page?

  6. Levent says:

    Only facebook page
    easy, don’t drool 🙂

  7. Terri Breeze says:

    I’ve added a page for Turan at It’s quite sparse. If you can provide more information, please let me know.

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