Luthier Roger Rossmeisl Riding Rickenbacker’s Crested Wave

(b.1927 in Kiel, Germany – d.1979 in Berlin, Germany) Rossmeisl, son of luthier Wenzel Rossmeisl, was a luthier that worked for Fender, Gibson and Rickenbacker.  Roger Rossmeisl was hired by F.C. Hall in 1954 and was responsible for a number of Rickenbacker designs of the era.  Most notably, Rossmeisl designed … Continue reading

If Gibson is a World Leader in Guitars Why Aren’t Gibson Basses More Popular?

About Gibson Basses, Without question Gibson is a world leader in building guitars, mandolins and other stringed instruments. When you think of acoustic guitars Gibson is one of a few brands that immediately come to mind as being the best quality big brand acoustics around.  When it comes to electric … Continue reading

The Kramer Connection

It’s rather interesting isn’t it?  You think that instrument builders and bass builders and their associated companies all work in a kind of isolation.  But they don’t really and Kramer Guitars is no exception. In the case of Kramer the company started off with a couple of partners and key … Continue reading