New Atlansia Breeze Bass Guitar – The Newest Bass Guitar from H. Noble

Atlansia Breeze Bass Guitar


Atlansia Breeze Bass Tail View

Hot off the press.  The newest bass guitar on planet earth from Nobuaki Hayashi (aka H. Noble) of Altansia, has a new name.  Previously unnamed, H. Noble announced yesterday that new bass guitar would be called the Atlansia Breeze Bass Guitar. (This post is a followup to “The Newest Bass Guitar on Planet Earth)

Along with the announcement, I received more details about the bass guitar itself and more detailed photos.  Here’s the scoop…

Atlansia Breeze Bass Specifications

Body Canadian Maple (light section), American Alder (dark section)
Neck Canadian Hard Rock Maple
Fingerboard Ebony, conical, composite (120-180R)
Scale 34 inch
Machine Heads Goto, gold and black
String Tensioner Roller Type
Nut Adjustable screw nut.  (Can accommodate different string sizes.
Tools not required)
Frets Jumbo SBB-24
Inlays Side only 4mm dot
Pickups Atlansia ARS (8) fixed
Tailpiece Atlansia Custom (pattented)
Bridge Tuning with half lock, tuning after lock
Metal Finish Black (shown), gold or unfinished stainless steel
Electronics Passive
Contols Volume,  Mini switch for each string, (Front-single, Center-1+2
humbucking, Rear single)
Finger Rest N/A
Body Finish Mat
Neck Finish Urethane honey coloured mat finish
Neck Joint Four bolt, bolt-on
Case Soft Case Included
Warranty 5 year limited

There’s a lot of unique features on this bass guitar.  Check out the fully adjustable nut, roller string tensioners and recessed machine heads.  The ebony fingerboard is beautiful and end tapers and notches are simply elegant.

(Spend some time tracking the string to the tuners.  They’re reversed from the norm.  That might take getting used to.)


Atlansia Breeze Bass Headstock

Atlansia makes a number of pickups.  These pickups are their single string ARS model.  One of the unique features of these pickups are that there is one pickup per string.  There are lots of advantages for this type of string, but mainly it allows the builder to make one pickup that can be used with different string configurations.  Other Atlansia model allow for rotation of the pickup.  This allows the player to adjust the phasing of the magnetic field and changes the sound of the pickup.  On this model the pickups are fixed, but H. Noble has noted that future models may be adjustable.





Atlansia String Pull Diagram

One of the truly unique features of this bass is the string pull.


Atlansia String Pull

This is an Atlansia patented design.  (H. Noble holds numerous patents for his designs)  The main idea is that when a string is pulled over a bridge the bend in the string affects its sound.  For guitar strings this is less of an issue, but for bass, because of their thickness, this is more of a problem.  This pull prevents the string from bending over the bridge and keeps the string completely straight from ball end to playing area.

The one thing that I’d like to know, is what the price point will be for this bass.  At this point the price is yet to be determined.  I will certainly let everyone know when I hear.

What do you think a fine boutique bass guitar like this should go for?

“Stay Tuned!”

UPDATE: November 7, 2012
*** PRICING ***
FOB Japan Y450,000  without no carbon fiber in Neck. with soft bag
FOB Japan Y500,000  inserted carbon fiber in Neck.  with soft bag
(pricing in Japanese Yen)

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