Merry Christmas!

In Vancouver it’s 6:00 AM December 24, but it’s already Christmas Day (3:00 AM) in Auckland. Yay, it’s Christmas!

To all my bass playing friends from every corner of the world, a very Merry Christmas to you! How ever you celebrate or don’t celebrate and regardless of your religious affiliations and spiritual beliefs and whether you call it Christmas or any number of other things, may you have peace and happiness at this time of year. And may the coming year be full of prosperity and especially full of music.

Being bass players and musicians makes us all part of a special community. Music heals the soul.

This coming year maybe we can all carry a bass instead of a rifle. Or carry a concealed harmonica instead of a hand gun. Maybe we’ll hear on the news of random acts of music.

May you all have a wonderful holiday and an upcoming year full of music.


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