How Terri’s Bass-Aholic Can Help You Promote Your Bass Brand

As of this writing (January 2013) Terri’s hosts web pages for 1037 brands of musical instruments.  That’s 1037 companies or groups that build instruments.  Of those, 923 pages are for companies that make electric bass guitars.  That’s a lot of basses.  There are easily a few hundred more brands that just don’t have pages yet.  So if your company doesn’t have a name like Fender or Gibson or a few dozen others,  and with so much competition, how do you get the exposure that helps you get your name out.

The good news to small builders comes in the name “Google”.  Google is a really good way for people to find out about your brand.Your map to the coolest bass guitars on planet earth  The problem is that, well, there’s a lot of competition out there. In fact that’s only one of the problems.

In the past decade or so, the Internet has become the place to do business and if you are a small builder, you need to have a web presence.

Many starting out will create a page on Facebook.  Since you can build and modify the page yourself, that’s not such a bad place to start. And as you create new models or develop new products, Facebook is a great way to get the news out.  Facebook is even a great place to stay in touch with your customers.

But beyond the basics you need to have your own website.  If you want to be taken seriously as the provider of quality musical instruments, you need to  have the look of a quality professional website.  Unfortunately, you’d rather spend your time in the workshop or at the drafting table.  Not on the computer, trying to learn how to build a WordPress site or trying to understand what SEO is.

The good news is that there are lots of professionals out there that can help.  Well at least they might appear to be professional.  I always joke about the commercial where the software developer builds the website with a fancy exploding volcano.  But what the business owner wanted was a website that allows their customers to track their orders.  The web developers build a very cool website, but unfortunately, it did not help the business owner fulfill the needs of their customers.  Sadly, this is all to often the case.

What can 101 Basses & Terri’s do for you???

Part of the answer lies in the resume of Bass-Aholic’s creator.

PHP Code in Bass Search Form

“For my entire professional career I’ve been a software developer, building business applications software.  (No volcanoes)  All of this work has been in a business environment solving business operational problems.  Over the past several years I’ve been working as a website developer.  I’ve built a great number of websites large and small that utilize a great number of web based technologies.

My other job, or night job, has been as a musician.  My musical background goes back to childhood and I’ve been playing bass since high school.  I’ve been a bassist first for virtually my entire life and have a great passion for bass.  I am a true bass-aholic.”

Put together a lifetime of technical expertise with a passion, almost obsession, for bass guitar and you’ve got someone with the drive to present your bass products in a way that reflects on the bottom line.

And isn’t the bottom line what it’s all about?  Regardless of your passion, your craftsmanship and your desire to build a truly amazing product, if you’re not making money you can only do this for so long.

A series of upcoming articles talk about how having a webpage on Bass-Aholic can help your customers find you and get a favourable view of you and your products.

We’re also going to talk about a lot of web tools and programs that you can utilize to promote your business.  You may want to build a website or maybe you just what to know how to talk to a web developer.  Or maybe you’d like to get some help from Bass-Aholic.

Always Stay Tuned - TerriStay Tuned! It’s gonna be fun!


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