#104 Fender Dimension Bass Guitar – American Deluxe Dimension Bass V

Fender Dimension Bass Guitar V [MIA] Almost a year ago Fender released its new Dimension series bass guitars and I have to say that I was a bit blase about this new instrument.  Fender has a rather tried and true stable of basses so why do they need something new? … Continue reading

New Atlansia Breeze Bass Guitar – The Newest Bass Guitar from H. Noble

Atlansia Breeze Bass Guitar Hot off the press.  The newest bass guitar on planet earth from Nobuaki Hayashi (aka H. Noble) of Altansia, has a new name.  Previously unnamed, H. Noble announced yesterday that new bass guitar would be called the Atlansia Breeze Bass Guitar. (This post is a followup to … Continue reading

#103 – Ibanez SR Premium Series SR1206E 6-String Bass Guitar

Ibanez SR Premium Series SR1206E 6-String Bass Guitar I’ve always liked the idea of a 6-string bass. The idea of being able to play a little lower and usually quite a bit higher than your standard twenty fret Precision seems like a great idea.  Having that low B string is … Continue reading

#102 – Kramer Focus 420S Bass Guitar

Kramer Focus 420S Bass Guitar Review Some time ago I got a call from a friend on my cel phone.  He’s got a reputation of being a bargain hunter and he’s furnished most of his house from items bought from thrift stores.  You might think his place looks like your … Continue reading