Cool Bass Player Gifts for Christmas 2016

Remember a few years ago the black socks ads that were running on television? They made fun of the fact that people always give black socks to people at Christmas. The funny thing is that every year I got black socks from my in-laws. But that stopped that year. I … Continue reading

Specialty Bass Guitar Strings

Shopping for bass strings can be complicated. There are so many different types of strings. There’s roundwound, flatwound, halfwound, tapewound and coated strings. There’s short scale, medium scale, long scale, (which is really the “standard” scale) and super-long scale. And, there’s 4-string, 5-string, 6-string and 8-string.  There are also basses … Continue reading

The Confusion on Shopping For Bass Guitar Strings – We Have a Handy String Finder

Terri’s D’Addario Bass Guitar String Shop Shopping for any kind of strings for for a guitar, mandolin or really any string instrument can be a bit tricky.  You wouldn’t think it should be, but for any instrument there are various gauges, (thicknesses) types of material and so on. This gets … Continue reading