Specialty Bass Guitar Strings

Shopping for bass strings can be complicated. There are so many different types of strings. There’s roundwound, flatwound, halfwound, tapewound and coated strings. There’s short scale, medium scale, long scale, (which is really the “standard” scale) and super-long scale. And, there’s 4-string, 5-string, 6-string and 8-string.  There are also basses … Continue reading

Bass Guitar Obsession? Three Ways to Fritter Away Your Day

If you love guitars, bass guitars and other cool musical instruments, Bass-Aholic is here to help fuel your obsession and give you GAS.  If you have ADHD, (or ADOS – Attention Deficit–Oh Shiny) we’re most happy to help get lost in the endless plethora of beautiful and interesting bass guitars. … Continue reading

Guitar Registry.net – Register Your Precious Musical Instruments *Before* They Go Missing

One night, almost a year ago, my band was playing a gig. Late in the evening, our guitar player returned home and dropped off most of the equipment used that evening at his home. The home was also our practice space. He then left again for an hour or two. … Continue reading

Japanese Manufacturers of Electric Guitars from 1960 to 1980 by Torch Harrison

When trying to sort out who made what from anything  coming out of Japan in the 60’s and 70’s it’s really easy to get lost quickly.  Unlike a lot of American companies, a handful of Japanese factories, built dozens of bass guitar brands. “Japanese Manufacturers of Made In Japan Badged … Continue reading

The Confusion on Shopping For Bass Guitar Strings – We Have a Handy String Finder

Terri’s D’Addario Bass Guitar String Shop Shopping for any kind of strings for for a guitar, mandolin or really any string instrument can be a bit tricky.  You wouldn’t think it should be, but for any instrument there are various gauges, (thicknesses) types of material and so on. This gets … Continue reading