Learn How to Play George Harrison’s Something on Bass Guitar and Lots of Other Beatles Covers

My fourteen year old son is a never ending source of inspiration for me. About a year ago he got the bug to start playing bass and guitar. Since then he’s had an insatiable thirst for learning everything about these instruments. His bug for music came to him during a … Continue reading

What is the F Word in F Bass Guitars?

You have to wonder why somebody would name their company “F Bass”  For most people the “F” word has certain connotations.  Even for bass players you might think of F as a key.  Oddly, the F clef is also known as the bass clef so maybe it all makes sense. … Continue reading

If Gibson is a World Leader in Guitars Why Aren’t Gibson Basses More Popular?

About Gibson Basses, Without question Gibson is a world leader in building guitars, mandolins and other stringed instruments. When you think of acoustic guitars Gibson is one of a few brands that immediately come to mind as being the best quality big brand acoustics around.  When it comes to electric … Continue reading