All I Want For Christmas – American Basses

Something that was on my Christmas list that WAS under the tree was Jim Roberts’ American Basses.

If you like 101 Basses, you’ll absolutely love American Basses
.  This book is filled with information on tons of basses.  You’ll find all the expected big guys like Fender, Gibson, Gretsch and Rickenbacker, and there are some large sections of this book dedicated to those guys.

But even better are almost two dozen articles on some of the best known small luthiers in the business.  These include Roger Sadowsky, Dan Lakin, Ned Steinberger and Ron Wickersham of Alembic, just to name a few.

Each of these articles feature a bit of the particular wisdom of each of the co-authors.  This itself makes the books indispensable for anyone wanting to learn about the art of building a great bass.

Beyond that, the book has sections for somewhere around one hundred different American bass manufacturers.  Some big, some small, and some are long gone, but all have their own piece of music history.

Oddly, a few of those Americans luthiers are Candaian.  These include Godin, Dingwall and even local Vancouver luthier Mike Kinal.

I just love this book.  Well written and filled with knowledge. My only criticism is that I would have liked more more, bigger and brighter photography. But that’s just me.

This is a great addition for any Bass-Aholic’s library.  Thanks to Jim Roberts for a great book!



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