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About 101 Basses

The original idea for 101 Basses came about after watching a movie called “Julie and Julia”  One of the two main characters (Julie) decided to create a blog where she made every recipe in Julia Child’s cookbook over the period of one year.  I’d already been working on Bass-Aholic (see “About Bass-Aholic“) for a year or two by this time, and had the idea to play 101 Basses over the period of two years.  This would mean that I would have to play and write about one bass per week over a two year period.  What could be better?!  And so, 101 Basses was born!

I started on May 6, 2010 and reviewed my old Fender Precision bass that I’d had since I was a kid.  I finished on May 5, 2012 with bass number 101 being an NS NXT upright acoustic bass.  The complete list of basses played can be found here.

I would like to note that I do not own 101 individual bass guitars as some have assumed.  I only have a couple and most of them are not very note worthy.  I did however hold in my hand and play, even if just for a minute, every bass on the list.

A great number of the basses played were from music stores that were polite enough to let me hang around their stores and take pictures, then not buy anything.  But hopefully they at least got a bit of exposure.  I also have to thank two friends that helped a lot in providing material for blog: John Haynes and Clint Wilson.  You guys rock and I love ya lots!

101 Basses Logo

101 Basses Logo

101 Basses continues, but with a lot less hands on information.  Most of what I’ve been reviewing lately comes from the Internet and a rather large group of musicians, builders, and friends and their continuous supply of information, friendship and inspiration.  Thank you all.

Thanks: Some great long distance friends include Nobuaki Hayashi (aka H. Noble) of Altansia, Cleve Johnson of LedBelli Basses, David Schwab of SGD, Rod Banach of Regenerate Guitar Works, just to name a few.

This website has been a blast and I hope you’ve been enjoying it too.

“Stay Tuned” for lots more bass obsessive fun.


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  1. Daniele says:

    360 days * 2 = 720 days = 101 basses / 24 months = 1,05 basses a week

    What’s that .05? A neck, a bridge or the smell of the next one to try?
    I think you can make it, my best wishes for your attempt!

    Daniele from Italy

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