2000 GUITARS (and lots of BASSES too!)

2000 Guitars - The Ultimate Collection

2000 Guitars - The Ultimate Collection

What could be better on a dark and cold night in January, but to snuggle up in bed with a great book on basses.  (Second only to surfing Bass-Aholic.com of course!)

2000 Guitars, despite the name, has tons basses too.  The is an absolutely wonderful book, that’s not just a catalog of guitars, but also is an amazing history book too.

The book boast in the range of about 300 brands with dozens of photos for many of the brands.

Pippi is caught reading 2000 Guitars

Pippi is caught reading 2000 Guitars

When it comes to the major brands like Fender, Gibson and Rickenbacker the book has extensive sections chronicling the evolution of various model ranges.  In addition the book includes lots of pictures famous players guitars.  This includes basses like Paul McCartney’s ’64 Ric,  George Harrison’s “Rocky” Stratocaster guitar and Jack Casady’s Alembic.

Mosrite on 2000 Guitars

2000 Guitars "just in case"

Beyond just having lots of brands, there are lots of instruments where you know the brand names well but you may not know about the models.  For example, the Gibson ’53 (first version) “Electric Bass” or the ’64 Vox Phantom.  Or, the ’58 Hagstrom P46 that looks like controls were purchased from an auto parts supplier.   And, have you ever seen a Rickenbacker “tulip” guitar?  There are surprises on every other page in this book.

Other notable sections of particular interest to bass players include: Ampeg (yes they made basses), Aria Pro II, Danelectro, Goya, Gretsch, Guild, Hamer, and I’m only up to the “H”s.

This really is one interesting book that you find yourself flipping through time and time again.  2000 Guitars is hard cover and a really nice coffee table book.  For any musician this is one nice book.  And for the spouses of friends of musicians this would make a really nice gift.

Please check it out!


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